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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watch Those Rain Barrels: RA To Hold Public Hearing On Proposed DRB Guideline Changes


This Thursday, the Reston Association will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to DRB guidelines. Unlike the last time, the proposed changes for this go-around seem pretty minimal, except maybe for the rules governing rain barrels, which apparently have proven too small for our monsoon-like climate. According to a Secret Restonian Wikileaks Operative, who somehow infiltrated the "World Wide Web" to review the documents:
In keeping with the supersizing of America, we can now all have rain barrels the approximate size of that Hurley dude on "Lost" played by Jorge Garcia. For planning purposes, here's a handy guide to the size of the newly permitted rain barrels.
Said barrels would also have to be placed in the back of a house per the new guidelines, so some of us will have to find another item to prop up our decorative wagon wheels. Also, be sure to "soften" their appearance with some plants or decorative clumps of leaves or whatnot:


Also, the DRB is proposing deleting language that says the board will only review the text of signs for "possible obscene or illegal messages." It's not clear whether that change would give the DRB the right to review all signage text or if they're getting out of the sign-reading business, so we'd hold off on making those signs for your basement massage parlor/poker lounge/meth lab until that's cleared up, the end.


  1. If you're unable to pay your RA dues are you allowed to wear a black, brown or dark green rain barrel?

  2. RA dues cost a 1.42/day-- I wonder what you spend to drive from the particle board valley to your job?

  3. Chuckle. Since my job is also in the land of the particle board mansion it actully costs me less to drive to my job than it did before I escaped. I make up for it by paying $9 every time I take my step daughter swimming at the community pool though.

    I miss Reston's walkways and green space. The DRB and conformist nonconformity less so.


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