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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess the Mauve Bits, Pt. 6: Rules is Rules


During this sleepy holiday week, we'd thought we'd throw out what ought to be the easiest entry yet in our ongoing collection of wacky pictures of Reston from Outer Space. If you know anything about our fair earth-toned community's rules, you'll know the location of this picture furtively snapped by the Moon Men Google in an instant. First one to guess correctly in the comments doesn't win that late-model Buick, good luck, etc., etc.

Update: And the correct answer, in just 14 minutes! The folks at the RA should be happy to know that 1) everyone knows where to park their boat or RV, and 2) this is not the parking lot of one of our finer residential clusters.


  1. RA's Central Services Facility
    (no life... no life at all....)

  2. God, that was lame!

    lame, I tell you, lame.

    Seriously, pitiably lame.

    Just total disappointment for all of your fans, Restonian.

    We, your adoring fans, expect much, much better in the New Year!

  3. Worst. Picture. Ever.

  4. maybe we are being lulled into complacency and then *bang* New Year!

  5. 14 minutes! Not bad. The folks at the RA should be happy to know that everyone knows the proper place to park their boats and RVs.

    We'll try to make the next one a bit tougher. Maybe the 90-degree corner of one of the bland office buildings adjacent to the Toll Road.

  6. Funny, it looks to me like the display case of designer suppositories at my GI's office.


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