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Friday, October 22, 2010

Guess the Mauve Bits, Pt. 3: Now We're Just Getting Lazy

After a couple of less-than-spectacular brain-teasers using the fancy "Googles Maps" over the last few weeks, we're pretty much punting on this one. We're going to try reverse psychology and say we'll be disappointed if you don't get this one before the pixels fully burn into your fancy computer monitors.

As always, guesses in the comments. First to respond -- and we're guessing it'll be within 5 minutes or less -- wins that Buick is the first to respond.

Update: Aaannd we have a winner. But with this particular establishment, we're all winners.


  1. Cathy Hudgins' feed the poor shelter?

  2. The buildings at Issac Newton Square East across from where RA headquarters used to be before they moved into their new fancypants digs?

  3. It is the Macaroni Grill!

  4. We have a winner! It is, in fact, the fabulous Macaroni Grill--besides this web log's fixation with the eatery, the screened-in enclosure hiding the dumpsters was the one "clue."

  5. Yay! I won! And it was a wild guess!


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