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Friday, October 15, 2010

Guess the Mauve Bits, Pt. 2: A More Challenging Contest


After an entirely too easy first try, we thought we'd give this "fun" contest another shot. The rules are the same: the first person to identify this bit of Reston architecture, as seen by our alien overlords the Google machine's satellite imagery, wins a Buick is the first person to identify this bit of Reston architecture. The first person to explain it.... well, that's a different story. (And yes, that could be construed as a hint.)

So have at it, in the comments. Probably not too difficult, but hopefully it will take you guys longer than 13 minutes to get this one.

Update: Obviously, not challenging enough: the winning answer took a mere 21 minutes. The shadow was the giveway; see the comments for the solution and a more recognizable photo. You people have way too much time on your hands are awesome!


  1. Bob Simon on a walk around Lake Anne?

    Nah, too easy.

  2. here's a close-up:

  3. The pinochio sculture outside of that still-vacant 2 year old building on Hunter Mill @ the toll road.

  4. We have a winner! A more recognizable photo of this bizarre bit of forced whimsy is here.

    Next time, we're going to make this freakin' impossible.

  5. Some folks work there - or at least hang out playing volleyball and such on the grounds over there...

    I've got my own photo of the sculpture if you want copyright issues

  6. @anon 8:21

    Copyright issues for the photo of the sculpture? You aren't violating copyright if you *link* to an image freely available on the Web. The Google images, though, could be a different story.


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