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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drizzlepocalypse Now: Strange Liquid Substance Called 'Rain' Falls From Sky, Inconveniences Motorists

First snow, then earthquakes, then wind and now... this waking terror.

This shocking photo of Hunters Mill Road shows an unknown liquid substance that alternately confused and terrified motorists for much of the day, overwhelming two bridges on the backroads around Reston. Scientists are currently field-testing the liquid -- known colloquially as "rain" -- to determine its chemical makeup. Resist the urge to panic when stronger downpours of this mystery liquid return tonight and turn us all into soggy, zombie-like remnants of our once-happy selves.


  1. Yesterday, August 17th, at about 6 p.m. a huge plume of smoke was visible from Reston looking east (coming from either eastern Reston or Vienna), and a lot of sirens were heard. Anybody knows what was it?

  2. I think it was the Smoke Monster from "Lost". It finally got off the island.

  3. Reston IS The Island. You don't need to worry. I am here to protect you.

  4. This shocking photo of Hunters Mill Road...?

    what an idiot, it happens every year ! what is so shocking?

    This blog use to be funny ( I mean never)

  5. Understand sarcasm much, anon?

  6. Still there is nothing in the news. I guess an accident (fire/explosion) occurred at one of those top-secret organizations Wash Post reported about...


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