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Friday, June 25, 2010

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

As befits the beginning of summer, Andy Sigle has dressed down for this exciting episode of RA Today, forgoing his snazzy suit for a casual open-collar look as he lurks outside of a pool and stands dangerously in the middle of Reston Parkway to talk about the master plan task force.

"I see cranes in the median, so I actually believe Metro is coming to Reston," declares RA's representative to the task force, Paul Thomas. Possibly, but when it gets here, those trains may not have any cars attached.

There's also talk about RA camps and swimming pools, including a reminder to parents and guardians to actively supervise their children. If that seems unnecessary to you, you haven't spent a lot of time at an RA pool of late.

Cate Fulkerson also shows us the construction under way at the new RA headquarters, which opens in late July, and we're pretty sure the opening shot was in the future child labor cubbies.

But what intrigued us the most was the RA's offer to dispose of old American flags -- but only if they're "free of mold and debris." Then why get rid of them in the first place?


  1. Does Andy really do these on a volunteer basis? I think they should pay him -- there's a lot of work that goes into them, obviously (even if this blog does poke fun at them).

    The pool section fails to tell you all the things that are verboten at RA pools, including flotation devices of any foam noodles or arm floaties.

    Did you wonder whether the guy in the suit wasn't tempted, even a little bit, to nudge the guy on stilts? Just to see what would happen?

    And, don't be fooled: RA camps are just another method of daycare for the summer for kids whose parents are working through the summer. I realize the kids have to go somewhere, but let's be honest about what it really is...if your kids normally avoid daycare, they may be taken aback at the atmosphere they encounter in an RA camp.

  2. My son has had a great time at the RA Science camp over the years. "Let's be honest...." about what? The camps are summer day camps for kids, exactly who is being dishonest? The only way kids would be "taken aback" is if they are home schooled and aren't exposed to groups of kids together. RA camps are no different than any other group activity w/ kids- at school, at camp, and, yes, at daycare.
    Restonian = home for curmudgeons. Except me, of course.

  3. Somebody should file a discrimination suit. Reston will only dispose of American flags. If we don't do something about this now, the next thing you know, they'll want our children to say the Pledge of Allegiance also.

    Did you notice that in all of those Reston Master Plan shots, there wasn't a single bicycle in sight? If you think people are going to give up their cars simply because you put in a lot of high density development without extra road capacity, you're only fooling yourself.

    Want to keep your kids safe in the pool? Not only should you watch them, but you should tell them not to pee in the pool. The only thing worse than drowning in a pool is drowning in a pool full of somebody else's urine.

    It warms my heart to see that RA is going to actually move to the Gulag. I just wonder how many times that RA employees are going to have to get jacked in the parking lot (Oh wait, they won't need a parking lot because of TOD.) before they return to Isaac Newton Square. Maybe we should start a betting pool?

    Last, I didn't see a Snark Camp listed. Our future generation of Restonians need to learn the difference between the Grumps, the Curmudgeons and the truly dangerous idiots that form committees with names that are too long to remember, who are trying to tell us that we should live in small, cold, damp apartments and do without cars, just like Europeans. The funny thing is that, except for the Great Gazoo, they probably all own warm, dry SFH's and drive to these meetings and intend to continue doing so even after the unwashed masses arrive in our Brave New 'Burg, thank you very much.

  4. I wish we could get some publicity on the plants that are somewhat overgrown along Reston's walkways. I'm not talking about trees falling down(for which there are people that will come out with chainsaws) but just a lot of little stuff that sort of juts out and makes walking a constant challenge. Some of it could be considered dangerous like branches that you have to duck. And poison ivy! I know of one place where a branch sticks out onto the sidewalk and has been worn down by contact with pedestrians. That's not a good way to get rid of poison ivy! (I'll post a photo on my site)A lot of this is not RA's responsibility(they will probably point out). Maybe Deepwood or V Dot, or even some homeowners who have just let their bushes over grow. But it would be good to be able to walk two abreast instead of single file on the exalted Reston 50 miles of walkways. Is there any interested on working on a committee to help clear the pathways or what is the solution to this?

  5. Man, Robin's legacy is that new HQ. What a waste of money!


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