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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unlike College, We Think We Have This Essay Question Nailed

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 7.39.14 AM.png

The Reston Town Center has its own fancy "web log," and they're asking people to share their favorite memories of everyone's favorite 7/8-scale downtown. We were going to talk about that time we wanted to totally take pictures, but settled for this heartfelt story instead. We bet you guys can do better, though.


  1. That's dl, phat, chill, dude.

  2. That is awesome. You deserve an A+!!!!

  3. I, like, totally submitted a bitchin' comment under the name "Justin Case."

  4. Damn, I got moderated. I thought it would pass. I described how much I loved Reston Town Center and why, but I was describing Lake Anne Plaza.

  5. I'd like to sure my memories of the town center here...

    I fondly remember walking by the American Tap Room when I saw the signs for the coming "south of Market" development, which made me think no place called "south of Market" could really be patrolled by mall cops.

    But thank you for the tasteless grilled chicken sandwiches, bland chain restaurants, bars where dudes talking about their jobs outnumber all women 20:1. And thank you for creating an urban environment where those mall cops, equipped with terrifying walkie talkies, chase after teenagers on skateboards. Previously I had to go to a mall parking lot to witness such excitement.

    And how can I forget the first time I visited the "town center" in the 90s, and was pretty sure Goofy was going to come out at any minute and start shaking my hand. Yes, the town center is an urban gem, it moves Reston into the ranks of other urban capitals like Fair Oaks and Tyson's 2. Maybe someday it will even have a mayor.


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