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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On The YouTubes: We Watch the RA Videos So You Don't Have To

My word, what is Andy Sigle doing standing on a tennis court, getting in the way of the nice people trying to hit balls to each other? Why, it's yet another one of the Reston Association's new-fangled "videos," which uses the cutting edge Internet technology to promote... a magazine, printed on some old-school substrate called "paper."

"Please don't throw it away," Sigle pleads. What, is the freeze frame pictured above a demonstration of the proper way to compost the magazine?

The rest of the video appears to focus on the RA's efforts to indoctrinate children in the dark arts of tennis, apparently to create an army of constituents who will demand an indoor rec center and juicery. To support this emerging army of tennis players, we learn -- in the one thing resembling actual news in this "news" video -- that the USTA is moving its Mid-Atlantic offices to Reston. To which we say huzzah, and look forward to seeing more people in snazzy white shorts perambulating at the Target on rainy Sunday afternoons, the end.


  1. Is this freaking China???!!! Free Sarah!


  2. The Convict in the GulagNovember 17, 2009 at 2:49 PM

    Reston: We are at peace. Always.

  3. Interesting---did they report their salaries and costs on YouTube:

    Milton Matthews: $184.162
    David Hopkins: $153,298
    Larry Butler: $123,843

    Legal to Chadwick Washington: $271,010
    IT services (to a MD-based company): $438,741

    Yes, the RA website really did cost over a million dollars!


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