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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Week in Crime: Racial Graffiti, Apple Store Thefts, and Beavis and Butthead Visit Langston Hughes

Racially motivated graffiti, a few stolen iPods, and some random firestarting in a middle school locker room. All in all, another typical week in Reston crime.

First, the graffiti:

Police responded to a home in the 2000 block of Durand Drive for a report of graffiti on Saturday, November 7. The victim, a 45-year-old woman, reported that some time between 10 p.m. the night before and 7 a.m. on November 7, someone spray painted racial slurs and profanities on the exterior of her house. An investigation determined the graffiti may have occurred around 3 a.m. The Fairfax County Police Department recognizes the potential harm that bias crimes and incidents can have in a community, and strongly encourages people to report them.
Also, a couple of thugs totally harshed the smug vibe at the Reston Town Center's Apple Store:
Three males entered an Apple computer store, located at 11949 Market Street, on Saturday, November 7 around 1:44 p.m. and stole several laptop computers, an iPhone and an iPod. The suspects fled the store on foot toward a parking garage. They were described as black. One suspect was about 6 feet tall and wore a gray sweater with a green shirt underneath and gray driving hat. The second suspect was described as having medium-length dreadlocks.
This is not to be confused with the last time the Apple store was robbed, back in October. Maybe if they started putting some Zunes in the front windows, they'd be less of a target.

Finally, a couple of Langston Hughes students were charged after setting fires in the middle school's locker room.
Two juveniles are charged with setting multiple fires in the boy's locker room at Langston Hughes Middle School.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department investigators say they are charged with burning or destroying personal property less than $200, which is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.
As a Restonian World Exclusive, here are their mug shots:



  1. Sounds like the same crew as hit the T-Mobile store on October 16th - one with a grey pullover and the other with dreadlocks. Maybe they decided after a month to upgrade to Apple.

  2. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)November 17, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    Well I'll be darned! All the soccer moms told me that Reston was "perfect" before I moved here, and now more stores in my neighborhood are being robbed? Well, at least I don't hear the choppers hovering over the complex anymore and don't have to come home to "safety notices" stuffed in my door jamb! Why is it so difficult for some people in Reston to ADMIT that the pearl may indeed have one or two flaws?

  3. The Convict in the GulagNovember 17, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    I would hardly call those flaws, BiCO. It looks like the dudes got away with it.

    This was just their thesis project for the University of South Reston, School of Felonious Arts, Stonegate campus.

    Here at USR, our motto is "Spread the Joy far and wide."

  4. Okay BiCO, the pearl has some flaws. We admit it. But like a pearl, Reston was started by placing an irritant in an oyster, and the layers of accretion over time have produced a pretty nice place for most of us to live. And we actually do admit the flaws most of the back over the posts about the RA, the gang stuff, the robberies...yeah, we admit that paradise isn't synonymous with Reston. But most of us continue to work towards the pearl being of value, worth preserving, maintaining, and continuing to grow in luster.

    SO much for my poetic streak...

    But why were you listening to soccer moms for recommendations? From your last few posts, I didn't think that was the demographic whose recommendations would have influenced you at all!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry about that. Still getting a hang of the rules of this new-fangled "Log-O-Sphere(TM)."

    Nice post, 9:04. (Nothing against BiCo - I respect your point.) Reston is indeed a rare pearl, and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to make my home here again after 30 years. It's also nice for me to see one experiment of Modernist, Corbusian Utopianism that did not fail outright, but has instead flourished to the extent that it could, bounded only by human frailty.

  7. Gotta' weigh in on "Why Reston?" My early asolescence was in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. Germantown-Mount Airy was a demographic mix. There were mansions along Lincoln Drive for the city's upper middle-class, row-houses for their servants amd some slummy apartments.

    This meant the schools and even my Boy Scout troop were a socioeconomic melting pot. My friends varied from national merit scholars to teen gang members. Yes, even racially mixed. And this was the 1950's!

    The friends I made from this richly diverse environment lasted all my life (except for the black kids who were mostly KIA in Vietnam.)

    It is no wonder I jumped at the chance to raise my own brats in Reston. I hoped their experience would be a rich as mine. To some extent, Reston was a success. My kids hope to raise my grandbrats in a similar environment.

    So colorbox, Reston has flaws. So did Germantown. But it's the best place I can find to live.


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