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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On the YouTubes: Actual "News" Reported In Reston Association Video; Indoor Recreation and Yard Debris Now Public Enemies #1 and #2

Okay, so maybe these fabulous Reston Association videos are perfect fodder for insomniacs, with the possible exception of the graphic and disturbing one about the deadly killer snakes. But this most recent offering we found on the "You Tubes" actually contained something resembling actual news! Knock us over with a feather.

In his usual soothing dulcet tones, announcer Andy Sigle declares that "the numbers have been crunched" on indoor recreation, by which he means that someone managed to dig through all those filing cabinets we keep hearing about and compile the feedback from those uneventful summer community meetings about the now-scuttled rec center/juicery at Brown's Chapel Park. Sadly, they didn't show a clip from this video, but that's probably for the best.

Anyhoo! According to the video, two-thirds of the people involved in the community meetings ranked "preserving open space" as their #1 priority. Sadly, the lack of juiceries in Reston didn't come up, but those surveyed were evenly divided on whether the RA should partner with another group like the RCC, and about one-third said the cost of a proposed indoor rec center was the biggest issue.

Using those "crunched numbers," the RA's parks and planning committee will draft a report and present recommendations to the RA board by February.

So that's that. Oh, and watch on if you want to learn why "yard waste" is the greatest scourge since the Black Plague and should be incinerated immediately, preferably with the earth-toned equivalent of Agent Orange, the end.


  1. They have one of these yard debris PSAs on Reston public access channel every now and then. They could spice these up a little bit with a little intrigue and humiliation by inviting the viewer to guess the street and cluster of the rogue refuse pile.

  2. And why on earth would anyone be actually watching the Reston public access channel anyway? Talk about a cure for insomnia!

  3. Very cute! Almost had me fooled - how you convinced Andy Sigle to do this I'll never know.

    OK - enough of the games - lets see the REAL RA video with our Covenants Hottie pretty Miss Sarah!

    ...still waiting...OK guys - you had your laffs - c'mon now, post it up...


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