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Monday, October 5, 2009

Problem Solved! Fairway Apartments Redevelopment Comes Before P&Z Tonight With 11 New Parking Spaces

BL010132.JPG.jpegHey, remember that time that The JBG Companies was going to raze the Fairway Apartments and redevelop the property to look like Manhattan include a mix of retail and high-density residential properties? Yeah, that was awesome. Over the summer, the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee asked JBG to come back with a less "intense" plan for the redevelopment project, which they will present during the P&Z meeting tonight (PDF). Here's what's currently on the table:

The present Fairway apartments consist of 346 units on 19 acres of land off North Shore Drive. The proposal calls for 940 apartment units to be phased in over an, as yet, undetermined period. The proposal is divided into two sections: the western section overlooks the nearby golf course. Construction proposed is as follows: Building A – 10 stories, 180 units; Building B – 10 stories, 215 units; Building C – 4 stories, 144 units. Garage private street; 266 parking spaces are proposed for Building C, the 4 story building, and a parking for building A is 288 spaces; for B 344 spaces except for 3 on the retail store operation with all but 27 of the spaces in a garage. In addition, a proposed 8000 sq. ft. retail operation is also proposed. Of the 266 spaces mentioned above, 35 are dedicated to the retail operation. In addition in the western section, 31 townhouses are proposed with a total of 85 parking spaces assigned to them. In the eastern part of the proposal, there will be two 4 story buildings (Buildings D & E), Building D will contain 153 units with 215 parking spaces. Building E will contain 217 apartment units with 348 parking spaces. All parking will be in garages except for 11 spaces on the private street.
Eleven spaces? Consider the potential parking problems solved.

Also tonight, the P&Z will hear about Reston Hospital's proposed 350,000-sqaure-foot addition, all to spite those folks in Loudoun County who spurned them. In your face!


  1. 8,000 square feet of retail is the equivalent of 20 two-car garages. That's a lot of retail in a residential area.

    Missing is the VDOT Chapter 527 Traffic Impact Analysis (to discuss the traffic impact on local streets from 600 additional residential units).

    Also missing is a Schools Impact Analysis from Fairfax County.

  2. Retail operation needed to sell long-distance calling cards and wire money overseas.

  3. how come no one is talking about barry and the olympics-lol- what a joke!

  4. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonOctober 5, 2009 at 6:12 PM

    Anon 3:55 --

    Probably because, thanks to them damn noisy nuisances -- er, citizens -- who signed that new-fangled "on-line petition", there's not going to be any Olympic-caliber sports venue in Brown's Chapel that would make Beijing, London, and Rio green with envy!

  5. Anon 3:25,
    this is a nice blog where we discuss local politics and deride our local govt.
    Go somewhere else and parrot the retard Glen Beck on a teabagger blog.

  6. The design of these buildings very much reminds me of the much discredited high-rise Chicago public housing, now being torn down for LESS dense townhouse-style housing. The key difference between the two is that the Chicago public housing offered larger open space for shootings, muggings, and gang warfare.

  7. As the parent of a mentally retarded child, calling Glen Beck retarded is an insult to all mentally challenged people.

  8. Anybody go to the P&Z hearing last night?

  9. Broke in Charter OakOctober 6, 2009 at 12:52 PM

    Considering I live just up the road from this proposal I wish I could have been in attendance last night but didn't see this blog update until today. I think North Shore Drive could easily accommodate the traffic from an extra 594 residential units as I never see it congested, but it is Temporary Road that I am most concerned about. This short road is the only real "link" between North Shore & Reston Parkway, and it can be very tricky at times to pull left out of Parc Reston onto Temporary at peak hours while also having to worry if the opposing traffic turning left onto Temporary from Old Reston Avenue will wait their turn (I've had to blare the horn on more than one occasion). Why not build a road parallel to Temporary Road (which will most likely end up called "Parallel Road") to help ease peak hour congestion? Overall though I hope to see more dense mixed-use projects come to Reston. With a population expected to grow considerably in the coming years I'd much rather have as many newcomers as possible crammed into a small land footprint (to preserve as much of our tree canopy as possible) than sprawled out in new low-density single-family homes every which direction, eating up much more land in the process.

  10. Broke in Charter OakOctober 6, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    P.S. I thought of one negative though about this project. If it comes to fruition what will happen to that friendly and happy Hispanic gentleman who stands at the intersection of Temporary & North Shore on most weekends twirling Fairway's sign around? I used to look forward to seeing him on my runs. Will he end up in Targetville (or worse...shudder...Loudoun County?!)


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