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Friday, October 9, 2009

Indoor Rec: Giant Dome to Envelop Springfield-er, Reston, Allow Indoor Tennis Until Oxygen Runs Out

simpsons-movie-dome-1.pngRemember that time we were going to have a giant indoor rec center/juicery at Brown's Chapel Park, only a YouTube video singlehandedly kept it from happening? Yeah, that was awesome. Anyhoo, as the Reston Association moves forward on continuing to retool its plans for indoor rec, an anonymous mole sent us this nugget of information:

RA's Park & Planning committee voted tonight to recommend to the RA Board that the existing courts at Lake Newport be replaced with 5 indoor courts with seating for spectators for tournaments.

Lake Newport is the recommended site for an indoor tennis facility. Most folks think of it as adjacent to Brown Chapel. There are drawings at RA.
Questions, questions... Will they put a giant bubble dome over the courts? Wasn't that the plot of the Simpsons movie? And what of the juicery? We're still trying to figure out if that cut-rate Orange Julius franchise would be worth opening in the Tall Oaks Stucco Wasteland Village Center.

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