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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breaking: Arrest Made in Sunrise Valley Sex Assault

A Reston man turned himself into police and was arrested following Monday's sexual assault of a 19-year-old near the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride on Sunrise Valley Drive.


  1. He's well known to the Fairfax County Police. He's been ticketed for driving with an expired sticker, going 45 in a 35mph traffic zone, and driving with a revoked or suspended license.

  2. None of which are assault offenses. Before anyone leaps from bad traffic/DMV habits to sexual assault suspect, we might want to review driving records around here...

  3. thank you - anon 9:36. I would hate to be innocent and have my mug shot and home address displayed. Let the legal system (and "experienced journalists") handle it and save our trigger happy typing fingers for the other really important issues uncovered by our own beloved "filthy weblogger"..

  4. Anon 6:44 - The suspect has 25 traffic tickets or arrests according to FFU, including charges of assult and possession of marijuana.

    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","026"," 1603","BECONTREE 2A ","LA","RESTON ","VA","09/22/2006","POSS MARIJUANA "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","027"," 12021","WATERSIDE VIEW #12 "," ","RESTON ","VA","09/09/2008","DRUNK IN PUBLIC OR PROFANE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","027"," 12021","WATERSIDE VIEW #12 "," ","RESTON ","VA","09/09/2008","TRESPASS-POSTED OR ADVISED TO LV "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","027"," 12021","WATERSIDE VIEW #12 "," ","RESTON ","VA","09/10/2008","ASSAULT-SIMPLE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","028"," 1603","BECONTREE #2 ","LA","RESTON ","VA","01/13/2009","OBSTRUCT JUSTICE W/O THREAT/FORCE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","028"," 1603","BECONTREE #2A ","LA","RESTON ","VA","01/13/2009","OBSTRUCT JUSTICE W/O THREAT/FORCE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","028"," 1603","BECONTREE #2A ","LA","RESTON ","VA","06/03/2009","TRESPASS-POSTED OR ADVISED TO LV "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMED "," ","028"," 1603","BECONTREE #2A ","LA","RESTON ","VA","07/18/2009","ASSAULT-SIMPLE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMMED "," ","025"," ","NO FIXED "," "," "," ","10/15/2006","ASSAULT-SIMPLE "
    "KAFFI ","MOHAMMED "," ","025"," ","NO FIXED "," "," "," ","10/15/2006","SHOOT/THROW MISLE @ VEHICLE "

  5. If the guy is not American we need to deport him, after he serves his sentence.

  6. He should be punished with the same crime he did to this poor girl. How about a nasty dose of his own sick medicine?

  7. From the Uplands of RestonOctober 8, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    With that track record, why is this perp not isolated from society? Looks like he preys on people.

  8. He has yet to be convicted of a crime. He has only been arrested.

    And on the other issue, why is there a hobo city in Reston?

  9. He should be sent to Poland where they cut perverts balls off like they should do with Roman Polanski too. Roman is half Polish, FYI.

  10. And on November 10 when that worthless scum John Allen Mohammed is scheduled to be executed, remember to turn off all major household appliances -- in case that piece of garbage chooses to be electrocuted, let's make sure every available volt is flowing through Dominion Virginia's power grid to suitably fry him.

  11. I think. he's a potential terrorist and needs to be locked up for atleast 15yrs n deported. HE'S A DIRTY SCAVENGER POOR LAZY DRUG USING SCUM.


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