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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Children's Treasury of Out-Of-Context Photos from the Reston Multicultural Festival

Please to be enjoying some pictures from Reston's 2009 Multicultural Festival, held Sept. 26 at the Lake Anne Village Center:

Multicultural Festival 09 _31_.jpg

Multiculturalism and acceptance at its finest! Clearly this chap hearkens from somewhere "out west" where they don't cotton to no one tellin' them what color to paint their party walls.

Multicultural Festival 09 _23_.jpg

Along with their zeppelin, this is the DRB's new secret weapon.

Multicultural Festival 09 _59_.jpg

Grass skirts and dancing... does this mean everyone got lei'd? Hahahaha, we kill ourselves. Everyone, print this page out and give it to your favorite middle schooler.

Multicultural Festival 09 _13_.jpg

Dear Leader watches as his clandestine army of martial arts experts demonstrates what happens to people who oppose redeveloping Lake Anne Village Center. FINISH HIM!

Multicultural Festival 09 _56_.jpg

After the town hall a month or so back, apparently someone thought any public gathering in Reston had the potential to get out of control.

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