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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Treepocalypse Now: A Photo Mystery!

We know that the only thing that Restonians love more than a rousing town hall meeting or a fun stack of regulations is a good old-fashioned mystery. And do we have one for you!

CIMG0053.JPGConfidential informant "Kelley" shared these photos of some decidedly non-Reston-approved parking happening on the trail along Lawyers Road, near its intersection with Appaloosa Court. And it apparently maybe has something to do with the ongoing stream deforestation restoration work that's gained so many fans of late! She writes:

What the heck is a red sports car doing parked on the path off Lawyer's Road? It's in the section just east of Appaloosa Court. There's frequently a motorcycle parked there too.

I saw a guy messing with the motorcyle the other day, but haven't seen the car move for weeks -- since the trail closed. The fence at the rear of the car is to stop people from proceeding onto the trail as it is one of the access points for the stream restoration work. Maybe the guy who lives in the house at the corner got permission to park there to deter people from going through the fence, but you'd think the bright orange "TRAIL CLOSED" signs would do it? Just weird.

As of (Friday) the car is gone. BUT miraculously I saw workers there at the path for the first time in weeks. Connection? Probably, but what?
Any ideas? We'd check, but we're not "experienced journalists," as regular readers know well. Sound off in the comments.


  1. Could be a stolen vehicle from a car theft ring.

  2. So that's where the General Lee wound up.


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