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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Week in Crime: That's One Way to Grab a Brewski or 24

beer_5957.jpgThe fancy Harris Teeter in the Reston Spectrum Center was liberated of two cases of beer last Friday by a knife-weilding man.

Police responded to a robbery on Friday, August 28 at the Harris Teeter grocery store, located at 11806 Spectrum Center. A man entered the store, picked up two cases of beer and allegedly exited the store. A 38-year-old store employee confronted the suspect, who displayed a knife and fled in a vehicle.

He was described as white, about 20 years old. He was about 5 feet 11 inches tall and 150 pounds, with hazel eyes and medium-length brown hair. He wore a dark blue sweat shirt, dark jeans, a red helmet and white and black sneakers. The victim was not injured.

No word on what kind of beer was taken -- a pricey craft microbrew? A middle-of-the-road domestic lager? Some elitist import? We're about as much detectives as we are "experienced journalists," but we think that just might be the clue that cracks the case (get it?) wide open.


  1. Can you imagine him walking out of the store carrying two cases of beer - "oh hold on, let me put this case down so I can pull out of a knife"..clearly you can't be carrying two cases AND pull out the knife at the same time. That is impressive.

  2. I'll bet Xena Warrior Princess could do that.

  3. Do you think he was described as age 20 because that compounds the offense? Not only was he a thief and wielded a deadly weapon but he wasn't old enough to possess said beer having stolen it? And just what kind of helmet was he wearing? Why did he need a helmet? To stop the rays from outer space? Apparently it didn't help when they were broadcasting, 'go steal beer!' This is a really crazy story. Please let us know the happily ever after when you find out.


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