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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Labor Day Miracle: Tall Oaks Fresh World Resurrected from its own Stucco Ashes as Compare Foods Latino Supermarket

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Just days after we learned of the demise of Fresh World in the Tall Oaks stucco wasteland Shopping Center, we've learned that another international supermarket will soon take its place:
Fresh World at Tall Oaks in Reston has closed its doors and in a few weeks Compare Foods Supermarket from New York will open in its place. The retailer describes itself as an American supermarket with international flair. Compare Foods will begin moving in on Sept. 16 and will open within 45 days.
This will be Compare's first Virginia supermarket. While Fresh World had a large selection of Asian and Middle Eastern foods, Compare Supermarkets leans more towards Latino foodstuffs. Guess we'll have to head to Lake Anne with our electrified fishin' spear if we get a hankerin' for some fresh eel.

And hey, a rare shout out to the fine folks at the Observer for putting this news on the Twitters days before their print edition hits the streets.


  1. I hope they retain the lobster tank. Live crabs and lobsters was my main reason to shop there.

  2. Whats up with all the "second hand" supermarkets? Whatever happened to Bloom?

  3. I hear their taqueria will feature live lobsters.

  4. Does ICE know about this place yet?

  5. If you were around in the 80's, there was the little old Asian lady who would waslk down to Lake Anne plaza and spend all day fishing.

  6. I remember her - she decimated the fish


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