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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Found on the YouTubes: 'Fairfax Rap' Lacks Urban Cred of Reston Video Offerings

My word, what is it with these affluent suburban twentysomethings with their "i-Phones" and Letterman-toned senses of irony? Following in the footsteps of the "Arlington Rap," this young chap has attempted to set the record straight with this video arguing that Fairfax County has just as much "street cred," by which he apparently means upscale chain dining opportunities.

Of course, neither of these faux-hipster videos can hold a candle to the awesomest video ever made about Reston, which proves beyond a doubt that when it comes to gangsta cred, we've got the Real Thing. And while they lack the same urban patois, this video remains a close second in terms of Reston awesomeness, followed by this epic triptych. We're going to need to hire Kasey Kasem to do a video countdown if this keeps up!

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