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Monday, June 15, 2009

On the YouTubes: Forget East Coast vs. West Coast -- the Real Gangsta Rivalry is in the D.C. Suburbs

With two humble videos found on the YouTubes, the whole East Coast / West Coast rivalry is officially yesterday's news. Instead, it's Arlington and Reston that are "keeping it real," or whatever the cool kidz say when they listen to their phat O.D.B. tunez about oppression and the ghetto thug life on their $350 iPod Touches. Represent!

This awesome video about the mean streets of Arlington has been posted just about everywhere by this point -- even the Washington Post used it as another opportunity to count multiple Starbuckseses. But a couple of kidz from Reston Herndon did the whole faux gangsta schtick first:

Watching both videos prompts some interesting questions. The Arlington one has better production values and doesn't sound like a badly dubbed 8-track, but which one is more legitimately "gangsta"?

Whole Foods vs. the McTacoHut? No contest there -- Reston for the win!


  1. The Arlington Rap is a scream. It would be funnier except the county wants to turn Reston into a clone of Ballston. I guess they hope all those 20-30 somethings that need a Starbucks on every street corner will come all the way out here to live. Not very likely. Reston is NOT Arlington and never will be.

  2. Sorry Anonymous, this 20 something is closing on a house at the end of July - see you around!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure the majority of 20-somethings would still rather live in Arlington/Ballston. Heck, the boyfriend and I chose the Vienna/Fairfax area over it, and we're quite 20-something-ish. I like Reston for a quiet night out. Very low key. It is beautiful but definitely still more attractive for those looking to settle down soon.

  4. The Convict in Gulag 4June 15, 2009 at 5:47 PM

    Holy Chrome. That Reston video so offended my sensibilities that I'm thinking about moving to Arlington. And I'm a Convict!

    (Kids! Don't watch the second one on your work computer unless you have the volume turned off!)

  5. I hate Starbucks coffee. Thick, gritty, nasty stuff.

    I was at the zoo today. The 61-year-old elephant was giving herself a bath with dirt thrown over her back with her trunk. A delightful sight. I wonder what it feels like.

    I'm 61, too. Maybe that's why I hate the coffee.

    Nice to have you join us, Steven.

  6. Convict -- the salty language in the Reston video just proves that our gangsta wannabes can "keep it real" better than Arlington's gangsta wannabees. Win!


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