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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairfax County Times Sold, AKA News About 'Experienced Journalists' We Wouldn't Understand

51o5vb74dvL._SL500_AA280_.jpg.jpegApparently some "experienced journalists" bought a "news-paper" that was run by other "experienced journalists." This stuff is obviously too complicated for mere "web loggers" to understand, but we'll try.

Times Community News, the publisher of the Loudoun-Times Mirror and other community newspapers, sold the Fairfax County Times to Maryland-based Gazette newspaper group May 19.

The Gazette is a large chain of community newspapers that is part of the Community Newspaper Group of Post-Newsweek Media Inc., a division of The Washington Post Co. The sale goes into effect June 1.

"Our company is extremely happy with the outcome and regards this as a win-win for all," said Peter Arundel, president and publisher of the Times-Mirror. Arundel added he has no plans to sell the Times-Mirror.
Times Community News actually got its start here in Reston, back when it was called the Reston Times, and eventually grew to encompass a bunch of weekly newspapers covering Fairfax County before the crappy economy and the industry's general malaise prompted TCN to consolidate its papers into a county-wide edition last fall. The paper's new parent company is owned by the Washington Post Co., so we can look forward to more stories with big words like "trepidation" that no one but "experienced journalists" can understand, the end.


  1. What was their motto again -- "All The News That Fits, We Print"?

  2. I think the last issue I looked at had an entire four news stories in it. Maybe. The rest of the entire paper was advertisements and junk. What do their reporters get paid to do?

  3. My wife worked there about 8 years ago. She did a few features and lots of local news. I got to help! When she went to Vienna town council meetings, I had to go along to keep her awake during 4 hour debates about speed bumps. When she covered sporting events I also went along, to explain what a free throw or a double play was...


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