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Friday, September 12, 2008

RIP, Reston Times: Our Driveways Aren't Going To Litter Themselves

The Reston Times is no more. Never fear -- everyone's favorite weekly lawn decoration will still be tossed indifferently in the general direction of your driveway every week, but it will now have a county-wide focus, after its parent company laid off five editorial staffers and consolidated its various and sundry local editions.

As befits the current sad state of the newspaper industry, the Times is trying to paint this as a Good Thing for its readers.

“The resident of Reston wants to see how Reston connects to neighboring jurisdictions, such as Herndon, Tysons, the county and state,” said Peter Arundel, head of the Herndon-based Times. “Our company is uniquely positioned to do this.”
Quite right -- there's no other source for news like that.


  1. I've alway preferred the Reston Observer to the Times. The Observer has much better local news and seems to actually care about its readers.

  2. They used to at least have reporters who specifically covered the area and knew a bit about how Reston works (or doesn't work). Fortunately, the Observer and the Connection still seem to have folks who make Reston their business.


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