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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reston's Second Day of Christmas: The Most Clever Christmas Song Parody Since "Grandma Got Run Over By The Silver Line'

Now that Metro's awesome Silver Line has been officially approved by the feds, it's time to celebrate in the true spirit of the holidays: By whining about a four-year-old decision not to build a tunnel through Tysons Corner with a "clever" parody of a Christmas carol.

Community activists against the elevated portion of the Dulles Metro Project have taken to a new type of protesting -- singing an anti-rail rendition of the classic Christmas carol, "Noel."

The organizer of the rally, President of Scott Monett, also sent a letter to Virginia's House of Transportation and Infrastructure urging the government to suspend plans for an elevated train due to aesthetic and traffic concerns.
Ah, yes,, the developer-funded grassroots group that penned the clever under-not-over slogan that nearly sunk the Silver Line a while back, all to make sure the the urban beauty of Tysons Corner wouldn't be marred by the smoke from the elevated track fires during their moonlit perambulations between the Olive Garden and Bed-Bath-N-Beyond.

In case you don't feel like clicking through to the video, the song is "No El" -- as in elevated train, get it? -- and then some mumbling, and then something that sounds like "merchants" and "traffic-clogged hell." Merry Christmas!

Weird Al Yankovich called, by the way. He wants his shtick back.

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