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Monday, December 22, 2008

Flashback Monday/Reston's First Day of Christmas: Delightful Gingerbread Display Provokes Equally Delightful Racially Fueled Diatribe

Not sure if anything that can be found on the YouTubes technically counts as a flashback, but this video of the heartwarming Gingerbread Haus display at the Reston Town Center Hyatt does date back to 2007. Herein, some chap known as the Right Rev. James W. Bailey goes on a diatribe that starts with gingerbread houses and model trains, and ends with Metro's Silver Line and something about immigrants and Manassas.
Once upon a time, a real train -the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad - ran from Bluemont, Virginia, through the incorporated town of Wiehle, which is now the unincorporated "planned community" of Reston, and all the way to the City of War, Washington, D.C.

But the progressive liberals of Northern Virginia weren't happy with having an old railroad running through the backyards of their quiet, peaceful and crime-free suburbs, so they tore up the tracks and converted the rail line into a public path, a place where they could bike, walk, jog and rollerblade themselves away from the urban horrors of Washington, D.C., the place where most of them worked.

And so the unincorporated planned community of Reston, like so many other communities in Fairfax County, Virginia, became ever so popular over the years, drawing more and more burned out urban refugees to the utopian shores of its peaceful 4 man-made lakes.

And then one day, the progressive liberals of Northern Virginia suddenly realized that so many of them now lived in suburban Northern Virginia communities like Reston that it was becoming almost darn impossible for them to soundly sleep at night because they were spending so much time getting up way before the rooster to drive to work in D.C. so they could drive back home in the very very very late evening.

And so the progresssive liberals of Northern Virginia had a most wonderfully deliciously ridiculously smart idea:
What if we were to build a railroad from D.C. through the crowded backyards of our unquiet, unpeaceful and crime-free-for-all suburban Northern Virginia communities?

I'm not sure if I believe in Santa Claus or not, but what I do know is that's far more likely that I'll see Santa Claus hard at work in Northern Virginia verifying the legal immigration status of the parents of little Juan and Maria in places like Manassas, Virginia, before dispensing their presents, before I'll see Rail to Dulles!

Progressive Northern Virginia Liberals: Taking two steps back in time for every half step forward.
First, huh? Second, while we may not endorse his sentiments, we do like how he refers to the Fake Downtown as "Reston Town $$$enter."

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  1. The Silver Line, being "shovel ready" fits the WH/Congress template of "infrastructure improvements" in the new $800 billion stimulus bill. Construction will begin next year.. and my guess with a Tysons tunnel...


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