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Friday, October 10, 2008

This Week in Crime: You Heard It Here Second

Maybe they didn't use scary capital letters like we did, but the Reston Fairfax Times has finally acknowledged the MASSIVE CRIME WAVE we're currently enjoying.

"There is a short-term crime spree going on in Reston right now," said Lt. Andy Hill, assistant commander of the Reston District Police Station. "All the incidents are under investigation."
Meanwhile, in our tolerant neighbor to the west, police are on higher alert following an armed robbery there a week ago.
Lt. Jeff Coulter of the Herndon Police Department does not think that the Reston incidents are related to the armed robbery that occurred in Herndon on Oct. 2.

"There is no apparent link right now," he said. "But the shooting in Reston put us on a higher alert."

Coulter said that the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force was in the area, working with Herndon and Fairfax police on Friday, Oct. 3, trying to identify potential gang members in the area.
At least folks are considering this a common problem and working together. Right?
"Herndon is like an island and we are concerned about the violence around us in Sterling Park and now in Reston," Coulter said.
Right. An island. In more ways than one.

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  1. ""There is a short-term crime spree going on in Reston right now," said Lt. Andy Hill

    So just *how* does Mr. Hill *know* it's a "short term" crime spree unless *he's* the one committing all the crimes?!?!?!!

    Fairfax cops: I think you have your first suspect.

    You're welcome.


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