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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today's Box Score: Reston's Adorable Critters 3, Restonites 0

Remember how we learned that copperhead snakes were trying to kill us? Well, despite our best efforts to bring bow hunters to bear on the problem, it turns out they bit three Restonians during the month of September.

At least three Reston residents and three pets were bitten by copperhead snakes in September... All of the human bites happened east of Weihle Avenue, Butler said.

There were additional unconfirmed reports of residents who were bitten by a snake, but Reston Association officials do not believe those incidents involved the poisonous copperheads because there is no report of the victims seeking medical treatment, said Larry Butler, the association's director of parks and recreation.

"If you get a copperhead bite, you're going to have some effects from it," he said.
We'll say!

Update: Channel 4 sent us this useful nugget:
With cooler temps and plenty of sunshine, the weather’s been great for spending time outdoors! But did you know that—just last month—copperhead snakes bit 3 people and 3 pets in Reston? Watch News4 at 5 tonight for the full story.
We'll be there, so long as it doesn't interfere with our daily viewing of Mama's Family on the Super Station.


  1. Oooh, the Times made a story out of an RA press release that's been on their website for like three weeks. Aren't they a county paper now? Was there nothing else going on in the county? If they wanted to do this they should've written a story when it was a NEW news release.

  2. Yeah, the Connection newspapers wrote about this weeks ago. But now Channel 4 is getting into the action (see the updated story above).

    Must be a slow news week. It's not like the global economy is melting down or anything.


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