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Friday, October 17, 2008

Redistricting Fever Redux: Stating the Obvious

It almost seems like a dream now: Remember that time that Fairfax County Schools opted to conduct an awesome yet uneventful boundary study that redistricted the South Lakes High School boundaries, prompting a group of selfless pro-school boosters to initiate the lamest lawsuit in the history of lame nuisance lawsuits? Also, we dimly recall someone said something about Bratz to explain why socioeconomics were important or something, but maybe we're remembering that wrong, because that just sounds crazy.

Anyhoos, after getting such a smackdown in court that the presiding judge couldn't be bothered to write more than a handful of sentences for his ruling, FairfaxCAPS has decided... wait for it... not to appeal, ensuring that kids from Oakton Heights to Fox Mill will be subjected to socialism, social engineering, and social experiments in fashion.

FairfaxCAPS will not appeal the Fairfax County Circuit Court's ruling in favor of the Fairfax County School Board's decision to change school boundaries in the western part of the county, members of the group said during a public meeting on Oct. 9 at McNair Elementary School in Herndon.

Cynthia Fry, chairman of FairfaxCAPS' events committee, said the group decided not to appeal the case because the group would prefer to move forward on other education issues. "If we're in litigation, all conversation stops," she said. FairfaxCAPS wants to stay active in the community and remain involved in discussions about education issues, Fry said.

FairfaxCAPs still owes Steven David Stone, its attorney in the redistricting case, about $17,000 of his total $120,000 bill, according to FairfaxCAPS Director Scott Chronister. Fry said the group needs its supporters to continue to make donations so the bill can be paid. She said donations also would help the group maintain its nonprofit status and continue to research local education issues. Fry reassured attendees that the group does not plan to disband and it is also looking into possible fundraisers.
Sweet! Give or take the trifling matter of $17,000, guess that's all settled then. Right?
The Fairfax County School Board has started another boundary study to determine which students will attend Coppermine Elementary School, which is currently under construction. The Herndon area school is located on River Birch Drive and is slated to have 32 classrooms. The school board has determined that Floris, Herndon, Hutchison, McNair and Oak Hill elementary schools will be involved in the study. Fairfax County Public Schools will hold two town meetings to gather input from area residents on the boundary study. The meetings will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 14 at Rachel Carson Middle School and 7 p.m. Dec. 10 at Franklin Middle School.
Time to go Google Image Search the word "Bratz" again. We'll be needing a lot more clip art.

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