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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yet More Redistricting Fever: On to Richmond!

We're starting to learn more about the awesome court ruling that has apparently ensured that students from the marginally McMansion-intensive neighborhoods all around Oakton and whatnot will be sent in perpetuity to South Lakes High School, where Bratz will be shoved into their arms before they're forced to sing the Internationale. The judge apparently didn't want to waste a lot of paper.

Late Monday afternoon, Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Gaylord L. Finch Jr. denied a request for an injunction, according to Scott Chronister, a spokesperson for FairfaxCAPS, an advocacy group that funded the suit against the school board.

Chronister said that the judge's decision, approximately four paragraphs long, was "extremely disappointing in its brevity and lack of providing any kind of clarification on the specifics on the rationale of the ruling."
Just four paragraphs? That works out to roughly $35,000 per paragraph the pro-school, not-at-all-against-poor-students booster club spent on their case against the school system, which boiled down to a rather Dickensian argument about poor folks and bootstraps and... oh, hell. We're just so glad this is finally over and we can go back to writing about stuff everyone can agree on, like how awesome the Macaroni Grill is.

Except it's apparently not over.
"Our next move is continue our efforts to ensure accountability for the school board," said Chronister. "We need to sit down as a group and see if we want to appeal this decision. I think that it is very clear that if a circuit court could make such a decision--that the school board did not act in excess of its authority--we need to do something at the state level to fix the statute governing the board's authority," he said.
Coming soon: Bratz at the State Capitol!

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