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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: With Nation's Immigration Problems Solved Forever, City Turns to Real Enemy: Businesses

Hey, remember that time Herndon was on Fox News 24/7 because of a little problem they had with day laborers and a city-funded center that provided them with a place to wait for work and learn how to speak English and maybe hold the occasional gay wedding, but then they got rid of it and that solved the nation's immigration problems forever? Yeah, that was awesome. Only, after unsuccessfully trying to rid the town of the continued scourge of day laborers blocking God-fearing Herndonians' access to the Super Big Gulps at the Elden Street 7-11 with a fleet of fearsome police officers on bicycles, the City That Tolerance Forgot has come up with a new solution: Fine any business which allows a slightly tanned person day laborer to set foot on its property.

It has become the responsibility of Elden Street business owners to ensure that day laborers are not hired on their property and now some local business are paying the price.

The Fairfax County General District Court recently ordered the owner of the Elden Street Shell station to pay the Town of Herndon $1,200 in outstanding fines resulting from three zoning violations related to day laborers being hired on the gas station property. The McDonald's on Elden Street has received three fines for allowing day laborers to be hired on its property and the case has now been forwarded to Town Attorney Richard Kaufman, according to town spokesman Anne Curtis. The Exxon station and Wachovia Bank, both on Elden Street, also have received notices of violations, Curtis said in an e-mail.

Council member Dennis Husch said the current enforcement method is "not a perfect solution, but the folks involved are doing the best they can." He said he "lacks sympathy" for business owners who have received violation notices or fines because if they own property in the town, they "need to follow the rules."
And smile when you say that, boy! Fortunately, everyone realizes the importance of making sacrifices to keep Herndon free of the scourge of day laborers, right?
Both gas station managers said the people need an organized place to gather and look for work. "They need to re-open" the day labor hiring site, Truong said, in order to get people off the streets. "Why they don't make a place for them?" asked Safdari.
Why do they hate Super Big Gulps America?

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  1. Unless the Elden Street businesses in question played a proactive and deliberate role in the hiring process, it is pretty lame to use the letter of the law to force small business owners to do what the Town government itself can not, or will not do. An excellent illustration in my view, of why Reston should not become a town, with yet another layer of bureaucrats…


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