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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A "new" "Reston" "blog": What a Country!

We've long known Livejournal as a bitchin' place for people to emote about the time their kitten Mr. Grumpyclaws accidentally scratched them and whatnot, but looky what we found -- a blog livejournal about Reston! Check this out:


1. Я сегодня не такой как вчера.
2. Кто владеет ситуацией, тот владеет информацией.
3. Один ум хорошо, а два лучше, особенно если оба принадлежат одному и тому же человеку.
4. Фигаро тут, Фигаро там.
5. Идея как и прочие продукты, не должны залежатся.
6. Один телевизор, телефон в доме - хорошо, а три лучше.
7. Кто не успел, тот опоздал.
8. Двигаюсь по жизни, как скутер по воде - не угубляюсь, зато быстро.
9. На базаре «за базар» не отвечаю.
10. Люблю количество, потому что на качество не хватает времени.
We don't speak Russian, but clearly someone else is a bit peeved about having to paint the back of their fence taupe or something.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've had experience with wiley Russian bloggers (insert wacky reverse-situation joke here, e.g. "In Russia, blogs click on you!")


  1. Wow, that site's just like the actual RestonWeb, only more entertaining and easier to navigate.

  2. Here's a translation of part of it:

    "Take life as the scooter on the water - not ugublyayus, but quickly."

    Words to live by.

  3. I predict a canidate will run for the RCC board of governors with the campaign promise: I will not vote for a feasability study without a mandate from the people, and win.

  4. Perhaps anyone who lived in Reston can't resist comin back whenever they leave.


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