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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Slow News Week, Day 2: Reston Hospital Center: Germs are icky, may possibly spread something called 'germs'

Folks at Reston Hospital Center now know how to wash their hands.

At Reston Hospital Center, an awareness campaign introduced in 2006 has boosted hand-hygiene compliance to more than 90 percent; it also led to a drop in the hospital's infection rate.
Well, that's a relief -- you can't learn everything in seven years of med school, after all. But what about the 10 percent of hospital staph who don't wash their hands?

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  1. Hey! I work at Reston Hospital! There is always a need for health care workers to wash their hands meticulously, I agree. But I'm the general public needs to take some responsibility for their hand washing too. The situation sited in the article regarding the doctor not washing his hands was just plain gross. But have you ever watched the people who dish up your fast food meals or your Starbucks? It's just disgusting. This is a problem that is everywhere and is everyone's responsibility. Of course health care workers need to shoot for a perfect record when it comes to keeping things as clean as possible. I say good for Reston Hospital for trying to improve their performance.


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