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Monday, August 4, 2008

News You Can't Use: Restonians Take Bronze in Rule-Ridden Sand Castle Contest (yes, we're entering the slowest news month of the year)

We've pointed out before that there's no reason any sane person would ever want to leave Reston, given our awesome staycation-like resort atmosphere. But apparently, some people do go on these things called "vacations," and when they do, they apparently look for places that match Reston's ethos.

Take Rehoboth Beach, which is perhaps the most retentive of all the retentive Delaware beaches (there's a very large sign with lots of words on the boardwalk that, among many other things, "prohibits the playing of any game where a ball or other object is thrown as a missile from 9am-5pm" -- or words to that effect). So it makes perfect sense it's a place for Reston residents to "let their hair down" and get a little crazy, like staying in a house that's not a Pantone-correct shade of taupe, or maybe even putting out the trash at 6:59pm the night before (!!!)

Anyhoo, Rehoboth holds a sand castle building contest each year, no doubt chock full of exciting rules and restrictions, and a bunch of Restonians took third place in the Adult Freeform Division:

3rd place: David O’Brien of Arlington, Va., Shai Segal of Washington, D.C., Tim Smith of Reston, Va., Jill Tunick of Reston, Va., Barbara Best of Vienna, Va., Carolyn Best of Reston, Va., Jeff Ozimek of Reston, Va., Kathryn Ozimek of Reston, Va. with Going Dutch (not pictured).
Sweet! We're wondering if folks from Columbia, Reston's evil doppelganger, placed second.

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