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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reston: We're #37!

Money Magazine's annual list of the 100 best places to live is out, and Reston ranked 37th. Here's what they had to say:

This planned community is built around Reston Town Center, where residents shop, dine, ice skate in the winter and attend summer concerts at an open-air pavilion.

Residential streets are lined with tree canopies and surrounded by Fairfax Countys lakes and trails for families to enjoy canoeing, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding.

Proximity to Washington D.C. provides plenty of career opportunities. But street traffic can be maddening.
You don't say! Here's some other fun facts, courtesy of the number-crunchers at Money: The median age of a Restonian is 40.5. Nearly 87 percent have completed at least some college, nearly 53 percent are married (for you remaining 47 percent, the sizzling Reston singles scene has already been well-documented on this site). Median family income is $120,918 (you folks will need to click on the ads a whole lot more for us to hit that level), median home price is $385,000, and we spend an average of $8,900 per household on vacations (but who ever leaves Reston, given our staycation-prime, resort-like setting?)

Pretty sweet, right? Well, a non-existent place called "Hunter Mill" ranked 19th, presumably because of its McMansions and proximity to Wolf Trap, "Sully," another non-town, ranked 25th, because you can go see the new Air and Space Museum daily if you so choose, we guess. Burke, the county's other semi-planned community, ranked 31st. Herndon, sadly, didn't even make the list.

Could be worse, though. We're definitely radder than West Bloomfield Township, MI (#36) or Frisco, TX (#38). We don't walk across covered bridges wearing knee-high boots and khakis like the twits pictured above in Plymouth, MN (#1), and we still rule the pools and the schools when it comes to old nerds.

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