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Friday, June 27, 2008

Redistricting Fever: July 3 Will Still Be Their Independence Day

Do you like celebrating the nation's birthday with hotdogs, fireworks, and a nuisance lawsuit trying to force Fairfax County Schools to redistrict a boundary change so no one ever has to go to South Lakes, or any county school with the initials "S" and "L" in its name ever again? Well, then, great news! The lawsuit's still on!

Fairfax Coalition of Advocates for Public Schools, a group of parents who oppose redistricting plans in the western part of Fairfax County, struggled to raise the last few thousand dollars needed to go forward with a lawsuit against the Fairfax County School Board, but the group received the remaining $15,000 that it needed for legal fees last week.

FairfaxCAPS Director Scott Chronister said, “Everyone that we’ve talked to is amazed at the public response.” Chronister said that last week the group raised about $1,000 each day, which was “absolutely tremendous.” FairfaxCAPS and the Fairfax County School Board are scheduled to meet in court on July 3.
Wow. It's moments like this that make us proud to be Americans.

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