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Friday, June 27, 2008

Affordable Housing in Great Falls Crossing... wait, what?

An odd story in an unexpected place.

A few years ago, Ezzeldin Ezzeldin was contemplating a move to a bigger house. The Ezzeldins owned a house in the Reston neighborhood of Amberlea, in Great Falls Crossing.

Due to a confluence of lost or ignored paperwork and miscommunication, Ezzeldin and about 30 of his neighbors have based their lives around the belief that their houses would revert out from under ADU price controls in 2013, allowing the properties to be sold at market price.

It turns out that Ezzeldin's home, along with many of his neighbors' homes, is still under a control period that stretches until 2047. In almost all the cases, the homeowners would be under the 2013 control period if they or the previous owners of their houses had formally filed to have the covenant changed by a series of deadlines.
Shocking. Unconsciable. Isn't there a law that bars any development with the words "Great" and "Falls" in its name from being affordable?

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