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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tall Oaks Shopping Center Parking Lot Overflows; Also Hell Freezes Over

This box of Japanese Choco ThinThin "chocolate for girls," as noted on the oddly inappropriate baby-blue packaging, were the spoils of our investigative journey to the new Fresh World Supermarket in Tall Oaks Shopping Center this weekend. During one of our rare expeditions out of the secure undisclosed location from which we do our "reporting," we saw such wonders as live eels and crabs in a seafood section that looks more like an aquarium than a grocery store, seaweed soup packets that proudly proclaimed they "contain no sand," and -- most shocking and out of place of all -- the parking lot bordering Tall Oaks' stucco wasteland filled to beyond overflowing.

The clientele would probably worry the black T-shirt crowd or our enlightened neighbors to the west, but Fresh World appears to be doing what Giant couldn't -- packing them in. Now if that golf shop would just open, we could get a new set of clubs and wrap live eels around them for some real fun on the greens!

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  1. We went this weekend, and were pretty impressed. If it were located at the Lake Anne Plaza, I'd be deliriously happy.


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