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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tall Oaks Resurrected: Beef blood and golf clubs, the two great tastes that taste great together

With Tall Oaks awesome new Fresh World grocery store slated to open May 16, Reston residents got a behind-the-scenes look at how the international-themed store will begin a stucco-themed rebirth of the shopping center poorly signposted wasteland.

But first things first: Apparently, the awesome postcard campaign to win over Bloom wasn't a complete success:

Fresh World was selected to fill the space vacated by Giant in November, and Dallon Cheney, KLNB Retail's principal broker, explained why KLNB selected that store serve as the center's anchor rather than another grocery store. Cheney said although the community had requested that Bloom fill the space, the store turned them down. He said KLNB had been in negotiations with Fresh World at the same time.

Cheney said KLNB was very impressed with Fresh World's store in Springfield and they are confident that it will be a good addition to the community. He also said if the Reston store has the same sales as the Springfield location, they would be doing three times the business that Giant was doing and twice what a Bloom store would have done.
In your face, Bloom, with your handheld checkout scanners and your bleach-tainted pork chops and... whatnot! But what of the rest of the shopping center, which currently resembles a scene from the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, only with better parking and more stucco?
He said they have been speaking with many coffee shops and other similar businesses, but so far they have not had any luck. However, he said they plan to revisit many of those businesses after Fresh World opens.

Cheney said they have also been attempting to negotiate with banks, a yoga studio and a golf store, and prospects are good for the golf store. "We're feeling very optimistic," he said.
Yep... we just picked up a quart of pork blood and a new set of tees. Now watch this drive!


  1. As Reston resident I'm gonna buck the "party line" here so to speak and say I'm happy we won the El Supermercado sweep stakes. Finally, one place (close by no less) that I can buy SEVERAL types of animal blood.

    Now I'll finally be able to add a measure of authenticity to my voodoo rituals!

  2. My husband and I visited this store on Saturday. Thank goodness Blooms didn't get this spot. The store was clean, the produce was fantastic, the prices were amazingly good and the staff was efficient and friendly. No waiting in long lines, either. Glad to see this new addition to Reston!


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