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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Redistricting Fever: And hot dogs for the kids!

Now that they've secured the finest legal team that advertises on the back cover of the Yellow Pages, how is FairfaxCAPS, the awesome, pro-school group that's currently suing Fairfax County schools to force it to re-redistrict elementary school students from Oakton, Vienna, Fox Mill and other decent, non-Bratz-intensive places out of South Lakes High School to somewhere where they won't have to sing the Internationale before getting their chocolate ration for the day, going to pay its bills?

Apparently quality Indian cuisine and Christmas ornaments aren't cutting it, because they've come up with some awesome new plans:

We have a booth at Viva Vienna on May 25th & 26th. Our goal is to reach a broader audience and spread the word about our mission.
Awesome! Will they have Stu Gibson in a dunking booth? But wait -- there's more!
Also, FairfaxCAPS is holding a raffle to support FairfaxCAPS advocacy efforts. We are blessed with generous friends who have donated some big ticket items for the raffle. We are asking members of the community to help support FairfaxCAPS by buying and selling tickets. We will sell tickets at Viva Vienna. In total, the prizes are valued at over $4000. Watch for the next email that will be the short list of prizes available. I promised that I would hold the announcement of the GRAND PRIZE. Shhhhhhh!....think sun, sand and water.
What, is it a spot at Langley High School? (Fun fact, by the way: the mascot at Langley, which was never ever ever in danger of being redistricted anywhere, is the Saxons... or should we say, the Anglo-Saxons?)

But we digress. Then there's this assessment of how FairfaxCAPS is doing:
FairfaxCAPS has received great reviews in newspapers and on online blogs for its efforts. We have some awesome goals for the next year.
Awesome? Where on earth would they have gotten that word?

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