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Monday, March 31, 2008

Redistricting Fever: They Found a Phone!

Exactly a month to the day after the Fairfax County School Board enacted its awesome plan to transform South Lakes High School into a mecca of peace, love and Bratz understanding, the pro-school FairfaxCAPS has demonstrated its proactive approach to improving county schools by filing suit to stop redistricting forever and give every aggrieved parent in Fox Mill and Oakton Heights a pony and generate enough billable hours to move an entire team of lawyers to Great Falls.

On Friday, March 28, a suit was filed on behalf of 11 parents of children affected by the proposed redistricting plan, with the support of The Fairfax Coalition of Advocates for Public Schools (Fairfax CAPS).

The suit states that the School Board's decision was invalid because it was “arbitrary and capricious and undertaken in excess of its authority.”

It further maintains that the school board did not comply with its policy on school boundary adjustments and ignored information demonstrating that the redistricting does not “maintain or improve operating efficiency or instructional effectiveness of the schools impacted,” and that “the school board exceeded its statutory authority by considering the socioeconomic characteristics of the school population” in making its redistricting decision.
Fairfax County Schools declined to comment, most likely because they know they're totally guilty and are feverishly working to re-redistrict again so every elementary school in the county will feed into Langley High School.

Meanwhile, if you want to support this important legal boondoggle work and are hankering for some quality Indian cuisine or a Christmas ornament depicting your Oakton McMansion, you're in luck!
Tandoori Village Restaurant in Manassas has offered to DONATE 20% OF YOUR TOTAL BILL TO STOP REDISTRICTING!!!! A special note from restaurant owner, Abby Wahla:To all supportive guests: please identify yourself (that you want to STOP REDISTRICTING) to my husband, myself, or any staff member, so that we can keep a record for donations!


Artist Andie Smarrelli, will DONATE 1/3 OF PRICE OF EVERY CUSTOM ORNAMENT SOLD TO STOP REDISTRICTING!!!! I am a craft artist and hand paint people's homes on hand blown glass ornaments. I have been doing these for years and only need a clear photo of the home with confirmation of the colors (door, shutters, etc) as they can sometimes be misleading in a photo. These make great gifts for yourself, parents, in-laws, Mother's Day, weddings, or for someone who is moving. I also have several interior designers and real estate agents who use them as thank-you gifts for their customers. My price is $75.00 and I am pledging $25 of each one sold through this effort to FairfaxCaps.
Activism meets commerce. Bet they don't teach that kind of all-American entrepreneurism in those fancy IB classes!

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