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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freedom's Just Another Word (For Reston Town Center)

Building on March's awesome anti-war protests held across the street from Reston Town Center (tm) and its global symbol of American hegemony, the imperialistic, warmongering Pizzeria Unos, a national anti-war conference will be held within the confines of a certain planned development bankrolled by a giant petrochemical conglomerate by the name of Gulf Oil. (Hint: Reston).

While attending sessions with titles like “Imperial Crusades: The Corruption of U.S. Foreign Policy,” “Losing Liberty in the War on Terrorism" and "“From Empire and Intervention to Freedom and Republic,” we wonder if the libertarians who are sponsoring the Restoring the Republic conference will ponder the constraints placed upon property holders by homeowner's covenants and a nongovernmental entity that can slap liens on your property if you paint your gate the wrong freaking shade of mauve, or if they'll acknowledge the irony that the wonderful, non-threatening faux-urban landscape peppered with equally non-threatening chain retail that surrounds their conference was bankrolled by the same multinational petrochemical conglomerates that have led the nation on what they see as decades of foreign policy misadventures.

Probably they'll just babble on about Ron Paul instead. Could be worse, though. We'll take an anti-war conference over the convention trade plied by our neighbor to the west.

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