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Monday, February 25, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: The sessions were okay, but you should have seen the souvenir stands

Remember how Herndon's Crowne Plaza hotel was going to host that awesome, vaguely racist conference? About 50 protesters tried to enter the hotel to disrupt the American Renaissance Conference on Saturday, but police held them back. Too bad, because it sounds like they missed quite a show inside:

Among the seminars were "Understanding the African Mind" and "Mexico From the Inside: Who the Mexicans Are and Why They Do What They Do.'' For sale outside conference rooms were neckties decorated with Confederate emblems and books such as "Race Differences in Intelligence'' and "Zoological Subspecies of Man.''
The Post felt compelled to point out that of the 100 attendees, "most of them [were] white men." You think?

Meanwhile, Jared Taylor, the group's founder, pointed to national politics to say they're not so extreme after all:
Taylor said a theme of the conference was the intersection of immigration and race, which he said is reflected in the presidential campaign. "The country is catching up with us,'' he said.
So are some local politicians, at least in our enlightened neighbor to the west.

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