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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Crisp manners (and sheets) on display

Ah, Herndon... city of tolerance, now-uncrowded 7-11 parking lots and K-Mart. What awesome news do you have to share?

Remember that time a Herndon hotel was going to host a fun racist convention this weekend? Well, it's still on, and protesters are planning to demonstrate.

David Welliver, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza hotel in Herndon, told The Times that despite extreme pressure, he has no plans to cancel the event, which will take place Feb. 22-24.

The biannual New Century Foundation/American Renaissance convention is organized by Oakton resident Jared Taylor, who calls himself a "race realist" and publishes American Renaissance magazine, which he has done for nearly 20 years.

"Taylor is a Nazi pig," Jeff Adler, spokesman for the militant group Jewish Defense Organization, told The Times in November. Upon hearing about the convention, Adler began a campaign, called Operation Nazi-Kicker, to prompt the Crowne Plaza hotel to cancel what he called the "meeting of hate." He also said a physical protest was not out of the question.
Operation Nazi-Kicker? Well, that doesn't sound tolerant at all!

Anyway. We're sure the Herndon Crowne Plaza is an awesome hotel, with top-notch conference facilities and probably a couple of those ice machines with the complementary buckets and tongs and whatnot. But why did this group decide to meet there?
An unflattering report published by Taylor's New Century Foundation titled “Hispanics, a statistical portrait,” caught the attention of El Pueblo Unido, a Latino empowerment organization.

Anyway, that group and others are planning a protest march on Saturday. Taylor says he's prepared.
“So what can we expect,” wrote Taylor on the Web site VDARE about expected protests. “Perhaps a dozen shaggy, braying throwbacks to the 1960s who will divert conference-goers and passing motorists alike with quaint slogans and eccentric attire. Nothing could be more edifying than the contrast between the detritus on the sidewalk and the crisp, good manners in the conference hall.”
Good manners. Crisp good manners. Hopefully as crisp as their freshly starched sheets.

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