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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Another Long-Delayed Reston Station Opens, But In The Upside Down (Or At Least Scotland)

Many, many years and an additional quarter of a billion dollars later, another train station has finally opened in Reston. But don't start figuring out how to pry open the bumblebees at the Reston Town Center parking garages just yet.  

You see, while we're (still!) waiting for the second phase of the Silver Line to finally open, our doppelganger in Scotland managed to debut its own fancypants Reston train station, and people are all agog, if by "people" you mean "YouTube train types" (consider yourselves warned):

Note that trains either go to Edinburgh (Scottish for "Federal Triangle") or "Berwick Upon Tweed," which is Old English for "Herndon."

But what does the Upside Down Reston Station look like? Glad you asked.

Wow, that's pristine. Can't wait for some well-intentioned "neighborhood study group" to talk about how the fields on the other side of the tracks have a bunch of invasive plants (maybe American Ivy?) and a lower walkability score than the fields on the near side of the tracks, and that the solution is to... build a bunch of midrise condos!

Sorry, that's just crazy talk. Onward:

That's an inspiring vista, to be sure.  But how do you get there?

Ah, yes. Some things are apparently the same in Old Blighty, except for the conspicuous lack of indoor storage or enclosed lockers in a place where it rains 345 days each year. And some things... are even samer:

Looks about right. We wish our counterparts on the other side of the pond good luck, pip pip cheerio, and God save the queen, the end.

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