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Friday, July 2, 2021

Earth-Toned Hit Parade: Another Reston Art Hits the Global Top 100

 ZOMG, someone go light another candle atop Kasey Kasem's unmarked grave in Norway, because for the second year running, An Art from our plastic fantastic earth toned community has hit the TOP 100 BABY. And not just any An Art, but An Art that "fulfilled a voluntary public art proffer" by a developer, which makes it so much more special than, you know, some An Art painted on gross public infrastructure or whatever.

Simon is the name of our special An Art, and just like our beloved founder, it's constructed out of Cor-ten steel, full of holes, and approximately 15 feet tall. Let's hear more about this An Art:

DeWitt Godfrey is known for his large-scale, abstract steel sculptures. His signature stacked and tubular forms are inspired by nature. Reminiscent of plant spores, seashells and honeycombs, his diverse body of work spans three decades and features site-specific sculptures that interact with their setting. Indeed, Simon was conceived in relationship to its built environment. Its vertical orientation is accentuated by the surrounding townhouses whose brick facades interact with the warm coloring of the Cor-ten steel, a surface that weathers and continues to change over time. 

INDEED. The "built environment" around it (the Valley & Park townhouse development) is nicer than some of the stuff going up in Reston these days, though the old change-of-materials-trick of using different colored bricks isn't exactly fooling anyone. Apparently the sculpture "announces the arrival of owners and their guests," so that's good, and more artistic than a doorbell, we guess.

As with last year, we, the unwashed philistine public, can vote for the world's best An Art, which we recommend you do early and often. Although, scrolling through the other 99 entries, we see one piece of serious competition:

Breathtaking. Those are the fanciest fanciful bollards we've ever seen, the end. 

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