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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week 6 (Updated 4/29)

Spotted in South Reston. They can have our bills if they like.

So Fairfax has started aggregating confirmed COVID cases by "combined Zip codes," lumping Reston and Herndon in with a wide swath of western Fairfax County and a big chunk of Dulles Airport, as highlighted in the decidedly DRB unfriendly teal border in the map above. If it's any consolation, we 201s have the lowest case count (519) and lowest cases per capita (148.6 per 100,000 people) in the county. Um, yay?

This may not be COVID-related (we can think of some other reasons), but Big Bowl in Reston Town Center is closing permanently. A petition is circulating to have them reconsider. "Don't let the peanut sauce die," says one of the more convincing arguments we've seen on

Fellowship Square is looking for a wide range of in-kind donations. More community needs here.

A reminder that summer is coming, in some form or another:

The Reston Farmer's Market is returning next month, too, albeit with some social distancing restrictions.

A worthy trip from Illinois to Reston:

NextDoor had this great idea of doing a directory of local eateries offering delivery, only their algorithm is... interesting:

Don't know about you, but we love to wash down a heaping plate of sawdust with a bundt cake, or at least that's what we thought after waking up from our home hypnosis session.

Been missing out on all those Zoom meetings the strapping bombs-to-dolphins contractors kids keep talking about? Join the Reston Association's virtual annual meeting on Thursday, with this fancy YouTube video explaining a signup process that's slightly less complex than applying for pool passes on WebTrak.

At this rate, we'll be locked up in our earth-toned homes, unable to get our computer's CAPS LOCK key unstuck until November:

Finally, our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, checked in with an update:

Bar’s open!  Almost time for 5:00 happy hour.  Now, what cocktail to make?  Decisions, decisions…

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  1. Nooo... Not Big Bowl!!! :'(
    It didn't even have a proper doomsday clock! Loved the food there, even at RTC prices.


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