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Monday, April 20, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week 5 (Updated 4/20)

Bob knows the score:

We miss the guy. As part of virtual Founder's Day celebrations, the Reston Community Center posted this video from 2019.

An awesome story:

Nova is offering tuition-free online courses for the summer for high school students. Bet their website works.

Speaking of which, here's the Monday morning update from FCPS: "The updates made by Blackboard over the weekend have not corrected the system delays." Distance learning is continuing via other means, but... wow.

Founding Farmers is offering not just takeout, but also pickup grocery items. Meanwhile, there are more Gofundme/relief funds for local restaurant workers, added to this page.

Meanwhile, the mood online is... turning, albeit for justified reasons:

But of course, if this kind of content is what you're here for, hang up your 300 baud modem and set the autodialer for AOL Nextdoor:

One commenter had the final word:

Almost the final word! A few more positive things:

And from last week:

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