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Friday, November 22, 2019

Separated at Birth: Tesla, Terraset, and Visions of Future Passed

Our Facebook BFFs at Reston, Remember When made an uncanny discovery about the newly unveiled Tesla Cybertruck, which definitely looks like the future -- or at least the future as seen from the same hazy, earth-toned past in which a planned community thought it would be a totally tubular idea to bury its fancypants new elementary school in the yard, because of the Saudis or something.

Behold.... THE FUTURE!

Both can move at about the same speed during rush hour in Reston, but there's one important difference. Terraset has fewer broken windows, the end.

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  1. I've pre-ordered both a new elementary school and a dystopian future truck that I can charge with my solar shingles and that is impervious to large metal balls (when you aren't looking).


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