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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lake Anne Is For Lovers, At Least For One Week In June

V.v. exciting news from everyone's favorite playground of brutalist concrete adornments, child-free children's fountains, and raw materials for jet-age air conditioning! Turns out that the state's "Virginia Is For Lovers" tourism campaign is adding yet another assortment of structures to Lake Anne Plaza for a week in June -- the giant "LOVE" letters pictured above in a slightly less brutalist setting.

To be displayed at Lake Anne from June 9 through June 14, the LOVE letters befit Lake Anne's recently signposted status as the Colonial Williamsburg of Concrete. It'll be fun to have the LOVE letters there for the week, though we'll be angling for a slightly more permanent -- and site-specific -- addition.

You're welcome, Lake Anne. You're welcome.

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  1. Too bad Herndon was already for lovers ...


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