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Friday, May 5, 2017

Caddyshackpocalypse Sometime: RNGC Protest To Give Would-Be Buyers 'A Taste Of What They'd Be In For,' And They Don't Mean Unlimited Appetizers at RTC

Hey, remember that time a giant insurance company bought Reston National Golf Course and was all like "syc naw," as the kids might have said at some point, and then tried to get permission to build like 99-story mauvescrapers on the land, and when that didn't work out so great, decided to sell it as Florida swampland primo development property with a killer location right next to the Metro and employers and destroyed brutalist masterpieces and lorem ipsum and maybe a bunch of unhappy and highly vocal neighbors that have so far managed to thwart every development move?

Yeah, that was awesome. With the property still on the market, our BFFs at Rescue Reston are planning another protest rally for Sunday (the picture above is from a similar protest back in ought-twelve). In commercial real estate parlance, this is roughly the equivalent of taking off your shirt and wandering around your yard muttering about UFOs while your next-door-neighbor is having an open house, except maybe it's $200 million at stake. And in true Reston fashion, you can wear any color you like, so long as it's yellow!

We will rally in front of the Northwestern Mutual office (between the Westin and Sheraton). Wear anything yellow and protest signs welcome! We're going to send a message to the majority owner of the golf course (Northwestern Mutual) and potential bidders that Reston will not stop defending the 166 acres across Sunrise Valley Drive from the NWM office. Photos will be sent to the press.

The course is for sale and we want to discourage bidding at a development price. The more that we show speculators that it will be extremely difficult-to-impossible to change the land use designation, the better the chance that a good steward of the land will be able to purchase it. A land use change from open space requires multiple public hearings - let's give them a taste of what they'd be in for!

The protest will begin at 1pm on Sunday at 11790 Sunrise Valley Drive. For more, visit here.


  1. Thanks for sharing! We had over 100 people today -- on just 48 hours notice.

  2. Did they ask the car if it wanted to be involved in that "O"?


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