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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Glorious (Mostly) Uncontested RA Board Elections Will Be Televised, Or At Least on YouTube

ImagesStill more glorious news from our homeowners association earth-toned autonomous collective! The exciting Reston Association Board elections, in which two comrades are running unopposed and one seat is contested, much like a crypto-imperialist voting scenario, is now officially in full swing.

Uniformed federal agents should be delivering ballots to each home, or you can vote online. If it's too much trouble to read each candidate's statements on your bourgeois "Internet device," you can now hear them with your own ears on state-run television the YouTubes. Once you get beyond some explanations of the voting process which are hard to concentrate on while contemplating the backdrop of Reston's oversized, mutant children, each candidate makes a brief statement.

Sadly, Decorative Floor Lamp appears to have fallen out of favor with the party intelligentsia and is not a candidate this year.

In case that just wet your whistle for sweeeeeet HOA governance action, here's one hour and 33 minutes of nonstop Candidates Forum action, prefaced by an image that looks like it was inspired by this.

Voting runs through April 4. It's worth doing even for the uncontested seats, and not just to avoid the extra cost of a second mailing if the quorum isn't met. Hopefully greater participation will ultimately encourage more people to run, so we can stop spending our time scouring the Internet for the diminishing stocks of Soviet propaganda images, the end.

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