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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reston Artwork Gets a 'Second Glance'


Our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, pointed out that this lovely piece of public art, the Jetsons-Meets-The-Restons mural that adds just the right soupçon of technicolor grit to our gritty urban core, was featured in the Washington Post "news-paper"'s magazine this past weekend, as part of its "Second Glance" feature.

Gather the whole family around the glowing Internet Rectangle of your choice, and prepare to squint really hard to see if you can identify the subtle differences between the two photos.

2nd glance

You can find the answers explaining the 11 differences here, or, for your convenience, we've listed them below:

1) The Pantone color code for this shade of Reddish Russet Brown is actually #cc0c00, not #cc0cc01. Nice of them to warm us up with an easy one.

2) That RIBS bus isn't going to West Falls Church. In fact, recent research has proven that "West Falls Church" is merely a product of the fevered imaginations of Orange Line commuters.

3) This iconography is an obvious allusion to the Aztec apocalypse, not an uncanny prediction that the Gap would depart RTC in 2015.

4) This apartment building is cosmopolitan, not metropolitan.

5) The stylized fountain portrayed here has already been colonized by the triffids pictured creeping up next to it.

6) Global warming won't flood Fountain Square until 2054, not 2052.

7) That's not your stolen bike sitting there on the W&OD. Get over it. It's not coming back.

8) Mozzarella "poppers" are just a little too midscale for RTC's midscale chain dining options.

9) Reston Town Center is beyond the jurisdiction of the dreaded DRB drones. This one is actually in geosynchronous orbit over Lake Anne.

10) There's no all-in-one cupcakery-salad dispensary-brewpub in RTC. Contrary to popular belief, they're actually separate establishments.

11) Jean-Luc Godard did not film Alphaville at RTC, as this silhouette suggests. It was actually Tout va bien.

Bonus Find: The actual mural depicts a stylized version of Reston Town Center, not the postapocalyptic hellscape of Tenochtitlán aflame portrayed in the second image, the end.


  1. You missed one.

    The top picture shows a tacky, soulless amalgamation of buildings, devoid of humanity and interest.

    The bottom picture shows Reston Town Center.

    Oh, wait.

  2. I thought it was a before and after schematic of the shoddy wiring job of my mid-'70's South Reston townhouse.

  3. Re "bonus find": Is there a difference between RTC and "postapocalyptic hellscape of Tenochtitlán"?


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